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            Born and raised in Riga, Latvia, Aleksey comes from legacy family of photographers. His grandfather started taking photos right after World War II and earned a living specializing in weddings and portraits. His father soon developed his talents with a camera and continued the tradition by actively pursuing a career in photography, as well. At a young age, Aleksey would attend photo shoots with his grandfather and father studying their every move and learning about artistic process. At six years old, the two men decided to give Aleksey his first camera: a Fed camera with Leica Lens. Through the years, both continued teaching and showing Aleksey the rudimentary skills needed to successfully shoot and develop his own film.


            After college, Aleksey moved to Cape May, New Jersey and immediately stared working for Exit Zero Publishing. Taking numerous photos of people and places for a weekly magazine called Exit Zero, gained him the attention of several local wedding photographers. He immediately began working along side of them, learning their skills and honing his craft. He started Aleksey Photography out of the pure enjoyment of capturing people’s lives and taking the pictures that will be remembered forever.


            Aleksey Photography specializes in a mix of natural, candid, and traditional photojournalism. He focuses on “telling the story” of his clients’ personalities by capturing them in their natural element. Posing families in beautiful settings, stealing sweet wedding moments, and staging elegant and organic-style portraits are among many of Aleksey’s finer works. Aleksey’s work represents a third generation of the art photographers whose legacy of inspiration is reflective in a many of his photographs today.

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